Kakui and Katy

This was my first Chinese wedding and I hope it won’t be my last. I loved all the extra traditions and the bride got to wear two dresses! In the morning the girls got ready in a stylish apartment in Bath. The boys arrived mid morning and were put through a number of ‘tests’ to prove Kakui’s love for Katy. He had to give all the girls money, brush his teeth with wasabi, and eat raw chillies among other games! Finally they let him through to his blushing bride, then the tea ceremonies began showing respect to the elders who blessed the couple with ‘gifts’ of gold and money to help them in their new life. Everyone then drove to a stunning manor house outside Bath and the more western traditions begun. Katy squeezed into her stunning white dress with the help of her six bridesmaids! The ceremony was simple and heartfelt, then out into the gardens to celebrate. Once all the formalities were done, the party began! And because most people were family, everyone really let loose. I loved it and Katy and Kakui are gorgeous and generous people with hearts of pure gold. Thank you so much for having me there. I loved every minute of it!

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