Love in the time of Corona

The Coronavirus is upon us and it is a time of great uncertainty as borders close and we all pull back into the safety of our communities and homes. New Zealand is a small island at the bottom of the world, and many of you who have already booked weddings, or are looking to book a wedding here in the future, must be feeling worried and wanting to know what happens if you simply can’t make it here.

From our side of things we have worked out the best way to support you by giving you some choices.

1 – Change of Date – If you’ve already booked and can no longer make it here to get married, or you want to play it safe, then we can help you postpone your wedding date up to a year ahead without incurring any extra costs.

2 – If you decide to play it safe and cancel your wedding, even if travel restrictions are lifted and the threat of Coronavirus has passed, then we will keep your deposit.

3 – If you get sick with Coronavirus immediately before your wedding and have to self isolate, or can’t travel to NZ to get married then we offer a full refund.

4 – If we get sick with Coronavirus or are told to self isolate for a period and can’t shoot your wedding, we have recently put together a list of talented local photographers we can call on at short notice to shoot your wedding at no extra cost to you.

All things pass, and this will too. We pray you all stay safe and well, and remember we are here to support you, and your wedding plans. So reach out if you need help.