I recently went to Melbourne for a 2 day course with 3 incredible photographers. Ed Peers, Gabe McClintock and Jesh De Rox. Each had their own style and process and generously shared it with us eager students.

At the end of the course we went out into a local city park and had 30 minutes with each photographer who showed us how they worked. We were then invited to jump in and take photos ourselves testing out their methods.

This post is the result.

Ed was all about finding the light and framing the couple as they were doing what they naturally wanted to do. Gabe was more about creating an intense atmosphere by posing the couple and getting really close. Jesh liked to play games with his couples to help them relax and ultimately connect with each other in a meaningful way.

I hope you can see the three styles.

It was such an amazing workshop. I would high recommend it to anyone who wants to step outside of being just a ‘photographer’ and start exploring the dynamic space between yourself and your subjects.

There is so many possibilities in each moment, so play, experiment and find new energy and delight in your work as an artist. 

Here’s a link to check out Possible Workshop

Big thank you to Amanda and James for keeping your cool while having 100 cameras trained on your every move!