Kieran and Nita have such a wonderful love story. Both avid climbers and trampers, they met online and on that night decided to ride around the world on bikes. It was a pipe dream at the time, but after one short year together they decided to tie the knot at Temple Station, owned by family friends, and then set off on their 1 year cycling adventure. Their wedding was so heartfelt and completely DIY. Their guests came and camped for the week on the station and helped clean out the wool shed and transform it into a reception venue. Nita’s brother and friends built the pray-flag totem pole on the mountain side for the ceremony. Kieran and Nita were blessed with blue skies on the day, and you could just feel the love radiate off them in every look and touch. Everyone there felt like they were witnessing something special – the birth of a union of kindred spirits that were going to do great things together. Move mountains with their love. All the best to you both and thanks for inviting me to be part of your day. I felt privileged to be there:)


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