Christine and Jimmy’s stunning Queenstown heli-wedding

My first heli-wedding in Queenstown was on a perfect winter’s day. Christine and Jimmy tied the knot at the end of the Queenstown gardens overlooking the lake. It was a short and sweet ceremony held by Kathryn Ormond. The couple had invited 10 of their best friends to be there, so it was a relaxed and fun wedding which is what they both wanted. After the ceremony everyone flew up to the ledge on Cecil Peak with Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters. The sun was shining in a perfect blue sky. There wasn’t a breath of wind to disturb the fresh soft snow, and the low afternoon light bathed everyone in a warm winter glow. It was simply perfect. The only stress on the day was when Jimmy lost his wedding ring in the snow! His finger shrunk slightly in the cold and as he flicked snow off his trousers, his ring flew off. Everyone tried to find it, but it was gone. So if you find a titanium ring up on Cecil Peak ledge this summer, please let me know! Here’s a few words from Christine – 

“Holly, just wanted to say (again), a BIG thank you from Jimmy and myself for the wonderful photos you have taken for us. We had so much fun taking photos with you – the energy you brought to the day was amazing!”

Christine & Jimmy-1148Christine & Jimmy-1206